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Moralność Pani Dulskiej/ Morality of Mrs Dulska

Morality of Mrs Dulska is the most recognised internationally tragic farce by Polish novelist,playwright,critic and stage actress Gabriela Zapolska, acclaimed  for her socio - satirical comedies .

Published in 1907 ,although  premiere was in Krakow in 1906 it pictures bourgeois family of early twentieth century and it's chief character Mrs Dulska .

Mrs Dulska runs day to day affairs of a  household and in doing so imposes her falsely conceptualised morality on it .

This is "morality "that protects her family  reputation and public image.

However her son indulges in night life activities , frequents women of doubtful reputation and has an affair with a housemaid .

An innocent tenant woman attempts to commit suicide deeply effected by her husband's infidelity and is evicted  by Mrs Dulska from apartment rented from Dulski family.

Close relative is refused tenancy in conviction that cheaper rent might be negotiated due to family ties .

Pregnant housemaid Hanka with whom Mrs Dulska's  son Zbyszek had romance is paid off and sent away.What will be reactions of family members to those harsh yet unfair decisions? Who and if anyone will comprehend a true meaning of morality?


Stycznia 2003 Stycznia 2003
Maja 2003 Maj 2003 Lekkomyślna Siostra
Spotkanie z Ewą Kubeł laureatką Światowego Festiwalu Marii Konopnickiej  Grudzień 2003 Grudzien 2003
styczeń 2002 Styczeń 2002 PARTY - wariacje na temat

Zelazna konstrukcja/ Iron construction

Superb comic story written   by Maciej Wojtyszko. It's early nighties in new and democratic   Poland, now a place of fresh and old laws ,ideas and paradoxes being mixed into constitution as well as into everyday life .Business thrives in the country  and ever inventive Poles on every level become overnight entrepreneurs. Fast forward to Koborowo  ...a typical village one can visit in the country  but with one exception. . .there are ruins of an old castle there ,a castle once upon a time before the war  owned by Lasocki family. Now ,after system changes it is still owned by local authorities and stubborn mayor' s hunting club. Within few  days

that place becomes sought after hot property for few parties. It is visited and wanted by Ewa Lasocka ,rightful owner of the place ,just  in time when local mayor with help of his future son in law plans here his daughters wedding to make local businessman jealous and cement his authority in the area.The plot thickens when married couple of screenwriters appear and plan  to host American producers in a castle to impress and seal lucrative deal for their award winning film script.

Humorous exchanges and clashes between parties involved expose everyone's true character  including visitors from Hollywood . ...and ruins themselves !

  Zelazna konstrukcja